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Travel Services – While servicing our Clothing clients we noticed garments being provided for Weddings, Business, and Travel.  As a Conierge of Clothing we wanted to support the customers journey with Zerry’s Travel Services.  Across the world, there is one common thread you need clothing to travel in, we need to be dressed a certain way for events.  We wanted to be able to move the customer along in their oddessey.   No matter at which pont the customer need arises before the trip, during, Zerry’s  want to be able to coorinate your clothing and travel needs with our Concierge’s of Clothing.  Let us create the garments you need for your event and have the clothing in your room when you arrive.  We can Book your Hotels, Flights, Car, Cruises and Vacations or Book on zerrys.com, We can support your Group Travel, Corporate Travel, and Romantic Travel’s.

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Concierge of Clothing

Concierge of Clothing (especially in France) is a caretaker of the clothing needs of his client typically shopping, and taking care of the garments, ensuring the client has the wardrobe he or she needs to be comfortable presenting themselves in … Read More

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